COVID-19 and Opti-Blast, Inc

Release Date: 03/19/20

We are all facing a truly unprecedented situation. The global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting all of our families, our businesses, our communities, and our way of life. Opti-Blast’s first obligation is to our strong family of employees. Currently all of them are healthy and showing no signs or symptoms. We hope that this will continue in the coming weeks and months. We have updated our daily procedures to include new health safety procedures such as hand washing before and during work hours, and at the end of every shift. We support “DO THE FIVE”! 1. HANDS Wash them often. 2. ELBOW Cough into it. 3. FACE Don’t touch it. 4. FEET Stay more than 3 feet apart. 5. FEEL sick? Stay home. With regards to our availability to supply our High Performance Plastic Blast Media, we see no change. Our ability to provide our Plastic Blast Media to any account in the marketplace, within the United States or globally, we see no change. Our capability of production is at an all-time high due to our expanded facility. The need for consistent, MIL-SPEC approved Plastic Blast media has never been greater, and Opti-Blast has never been more committed to meet that need. Regards, Mathew Vaughan Senior Vice President Opti-Blast, Inc. Chris Howard Vice President Opti-Blast, Inc.

About Opti-Blast
Opti-Blast is dedicated to the design and manufacture of the highest quality products available on the market. The use of proprietary methods, engineering and manufacturing help differentiate us within the marketplace.

Ongoing quality control efforts assure our customers that we are truly the plastic abrasive supplier of choice. We strive to bring integrity to the industry and maintain personal relationships with our customers.

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